2017 Shorinji Kempo World Taikai Products

USSKF is pleased to offer the following 2017 World Taikai and Shorinji Kempo 70th Anniversary Memorial goods.

This online purchase guideline is as follows;

- This pre-order will be available until 7/15
- Please make your order as a branch or group
- You can pick up your order at the Taikai venue in July.  We will not ship your order to you.

If you have any questions about your order, please feel free to contact at hiroshi.onaka@gmail.com.

Please note that the United States Shorinji Kempo Federation will make a small profit pn this merchandise and all profits will be donated to support this 2017 Taikai event.

See the t-shirt product specifications below.





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Adult T-Shirt (2XL, Printed Logo)


Adult T-Shirt (S-XL, Printed Logo)


Childrens T-Shirt (XS-L, Printed Logo)


Fleece Blanket (Black), Size 4 feet (122cm x 155cm) Embroidered Shorinji Kempo logo(s) on front


Sling Bag (Black) Size: 17 in height (43cm) x 14 in wide (36cm) Embroidered Shorinji Kempo logo Front/Back


Water Bottle - 18oz