Shorinji Kempo & other martial arts DVD Special Sales

Sponsored by the Empty Mind Films

Some of you might know that there are Budo(武道)episodes and DVDs available from the Empty Mind Films. Shorinji Kempo is introduced in Episode seven.


The Empty Mind Films will come to film our Taikai and Study Session to record the Shorinji Kempo event and introduce us further.  Contributing to our 70th anniversary, Empty Mind Films is now offering Shorinji Kempo family for 50% discount with the following coupon code = “70years”


You may find their catalog from their site clicking HERE.

This coupon is only valid through 8/16/2017.

US Shorinji Kempo Federation

Seattle Shorinji Kempo headed to the World Shorinji Kempo Seminar and Tournament.

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2017 Shorinji Kempo World Seminar and Taikai in California, U.S.A.
The United States Shorinji Kempo Federation is pleased to announce that it will be the host of the 2017 World Taikai and International Study Session.


This Is Shorinji Kempo, English version released.

The English version "This is Shorinji Kempo"  is now available at The price is $25 and all proceeds will go to the United States Shorinji Kempo Federation. To learn more click here.


2017 Shorinji Kempo Word Takiai in the USA Design Draft Request

The Taikai Committee has an open call for the coming 2017 World Taikai Poster designs and is requesting design concepts. We are in search of a creative and original design draft among U.S. branches.

All design draft should be electronically submitted no later than - MONDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2016

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Date: 7/29~8/2/2017
Location: San Mateo Event Center - 1346 Saratoga Dr., San Mateo, CA 94403, U.S.A.
自ら架け橋になろう より良い世界を、ひとりひとりから
Be the bridge   Make the world better, one person at a time. 


The 4th Shorinji Kempo North American Taikai
Please cilck below for information about registration and hotel locations for the next North American Taikai.
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2013 World Taikai / International Study Session

The 2013 World Taikai / International Study Session was heald in Osaka and Shikoku, Japan this year in August. Information and the general schedule can be found below.
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The Cornell training camp will be heald on May 25 - 27, 2013.
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